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As a professional freestyle skier and farmer my life is completely dependent on a healthy environment. Not only does my livelihood rely on the state of the planet, but my overall well being does too. And it’s not just mine that is affected; the health of the planet impacts all of us. We have an immense impact on the planet. From the food we eat, to the pollinators that help to nourish us, the water that hydrates us, the air we breathe, and the land we walk upon, all must thrive and survive together. We are all connected, and it is in our best interest to do everything we can to protect it.

Today we face a climate crisis. A crisis so serious that could destroy our winters, melt the glaciers that I know so well, and threatens the sport of skiing. Not to mention, extreme weather and warmer temperatures create immense difficulty for farmers to grow food in a sustainable manner. It is time to get off fossil fuels and lower our greenhouse gas emissions to slow the rate of warming.

I know I am not perfect and that I too, have an impact. My lifestyle depends on solid transportation to bounce across the country, and get up into the mountains to ski. I drive a truck to haul my sled and living space. I use a snowmobile to access the backcountry, and I utilize energy-heavy ski resorts.

However it’s through my recreations that give me a greater respect and understanding for the environment. It’s through my lifestyle that I realize the true intrinsic value of the natural world, and I now realize that I too need to do my part.

From cutting carbon foot prints by changing my diet, living mobilily power by solar. Actively protesting with environmental and sustainable business and non profit groups, lobbying at capital hill, and standing up to our political leaders making sure they are being held accountable and implementing positive progressive policies. Change will only happen from us, if we demand it, together we can change the world.

By transitioning to renewable energy, Electric transportation to keeping the waters in our backyards, the land we walk, and the air we breathe clean.