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Feast or Famine

Mike King presents “Feast or Famine”. A film that connects passion with purpose, as I’ve discovered the importance of protecting the places I love while chasing powder and big lines through British Colombia & the Pacific Northwest. Each summer I bring it back home for harvest on the farm in the Great Lakes. This film is just a taste of my complex existence; a way to share my gratitude and concern for the places that feed my soul and my stomach. I’m no expert, but I believe some is better than none, and we need all action for change. I’m a wild and carefree diesel driving activist, and this is my story.

The Big Picture Presents “Lite Years”

It was an honor to roll with some of the greatest in the game today, to create The Big Picture’s final film, ‘Lite Years’, alongside Parker White, Chris Logan, Duncan Adams, and Tanner Rainville. ENJOY

King of The Road

Revision Skis is proud to present “King of the Road” by Mike King. Watch Mike and Frank King as they travel Northwest in their mobile homes, while searching for deep pow. The duo found the goods and were able to put together this full segment thanks to Frank’s work behind the camera while documenting Mike and his endeavors.